We know CNC Machines

And the data they produce inside out.
Machine Connectivity
Collect data from any CNC Machine. Transfer the data to any application, OPC/UA, MT Connect and UMATi.
Machine Monitoring
Meet Open Industry The open source IIoT platform for manufacturing.
Start monitoring you CNC machines, using Open industry free for 30Days

What we do

Securly connect your machines using up to date Standards and technology helping you measure and improve productivity, cycle times and process repeatability.
Pioneers in developing cutting edge applications, tools, and methodologies to help companies large and small manufacture smarter, better, and with unmatched efficiency.

Need Help?

Jump start your project. CNC Data's expert opinions introduce industry Standards and new ideas, helping you see a better way.

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Application Integration
We often help clients with other vendors apps, such as PTC's Kepserver Ex and Siemens Mindsphere.
Software Solutions
Dont see what you need or have an existing project? we develop bespoke solutions to fit your needs.
Technical Management
Need technical guidence and mangement for a project? We can help with short term or constant resources.
Embed us with your team
Transform your ideas into reality and launch a beautiful site with minimal frustration.