Software to help engineers, operation and business leaders transform their manufacturing using real-time data directly from shop floor machines and devices.

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CNC Connect Machine Monitoring for Advanced Manufacturing

CNC Connect helps you understand and improve your machine productivity. Make faster, better, informed decisions about your manufacturing and process using data from shop floor machines and devices.

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CNC Connect Features

Analysis of Productivity

Measure productivity using industry standard OEE, react to performance and quality losses, categorise machine availability.

Machine Connectivity

Connect via Ethernet on Mazak, Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc and Okuma CNC Controls, MT Connect and legacy low-tech machines.

Device Connectivity

Access manufacturing process & plant data. OPC and custom interfaces for CMM, Probe, Wind Turbine & Workpiece Handling.

Workplace Communication

Communicate your manufacturing real time. Notifications on your desktop, in your email and mobile, Chat about manufacturing events.

Enterprise Reporting

Generate table's and charts with built in Reporting tools, export to PDF. Connect with Excel to create custom data views.

Software On Premise & Mobile

Software for your computers or the cloud. Easily accessible via web browser, mobile even your watch. Designed for Enterprise.

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